Giant 2048 clone hack

Recently my brother has been addicted to the game 9007199254740992, a giant clone of the popular 2048. After developing mild RSI from playing this for hours on end, he asked me if I could write something that would play it automatically while he sat back and got on with more important things like smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee.

After a bit of scraping round inside the code we came up with the following hack that will get your scores soaring in no time.


  1. Follow the link to the game

  2. Open the JavaScript console, paste in the following code, then press return:

var directionIsLeft = true;  
var currEmptyCellsCount;  
var prevEmptyCellsCount;  
var emptyCellsSameCounter = 0;  
var cycleCounter = 0;

function cycle() {  
  //0: up, 1: right, 2:down, 3: left
  GM.move(directionIsLeft ? 3 : 1);

  currEmptyCellsCount = GM.grid.availableCells().length;

  if(currEmptyCellsCount === prevEmptyCellsCount){

    if(emptyCellsSameCounter >= 5) {
      directionIsLeft = !directionIsLeft;


  prevEmptyCellsCount = currEmptyCellsCount;

var cycleInterval = setInterval(cycle, 1);  
  1. To stop it from cycling paste in the following code and press return:

Now leave it running over night and see that score rack up!