Razor Occam

An isomorphic e-commerce site for a uk construction and maintenance supplier. The site was built with React, Redux and Immutable with hotloading via Webpack dev server and React Transform.

Timeout & Righmove Area Finder

Signal Noise

An application to help Timeout visitors find the area of London best suited to their lifestyle. The site was built using React and with Webpack handling the build process.


Signal Noise

A data visualisation tool for sports statistics relating to UK cities. The application featured several interactive infographics and was built using React with Webpack handling the build process.

Prototype travel app


A prototype application for an early stage startup investigating the viability of new search techniques in the travel sector. The app interfaced with several APIs including flight search, mapping and geolocation and was built on the MEAN stack using Gulp as a build tool.

Realtime calendar


The first iteration of Orto's online presence, a luxury car sharing startup. The application included a cross-platform realtime multi-user booking calendar that implemented a sophisticated rule set and was built using Angular and Gulp.

Citibank Magazine

We Are Hive

An iPad homescreen app for Citibank. The magazine application was primarily for financial reporting, displaying articles that contained several different varieties of dynamically generated graphs, and contained functionality to update its content when new data was made available on a remote server. The application was built using Backbone with Grunt as a build tool.



A social sports tool, allowing users to interact with their friends, join teams, view exercise timelines and set up running plans. The site was multi-language and fully cross platform, running on desktop, tablet and mobile.


Signal Noise

Interactive infographics for Mars' year end report. The series of micro sites were built using a combination of traditional DOM manipulation, and the Raphael vector animation library.

ITV Triumph


An internal idea development and pitch creation tool for ITV. The app featured a proprietary algorithm graphing tool and a custom animation sequencing/page transition system.

Subaru My First Car

Rehab Studio

An interactive story telling application allowing users to share their first driving experiences. I predominantly worked on a top down driving simulator and painterly route drawing system.

Yeo Valley Sing along


A competition within a Facebook application for Yeo Valley's boy band The Churned. The game was similar to the PlayStation's Sing Star, containing many technical challenges including local audio recording, pitch detection, mixing of two audio byte arrays and uploading to an Amazon cloud server.

Johnnie Walker Drive of your life

Rehab Studio

A facebook application promoting Johnnie Walker. The application used name, location and image data pulled from the user's facebook profile to customize a video, featuring Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton, in real time.

Diesel Island

Stink Digital

A site based on an imaginary island to promote Diesel's SS11 line. The site was used the Facebook API, allowing user's to see their friends also on the island, to make laws, vote on items in the constitution. There was also a fully functional Street View style 3D viewer that allowed users to explore 360° panorama shots of the island.

VW Golf Match Augmented Reality

Tribal DDB

An augmented reality experience used primarily as part of a direct marketing campaign. The site allowed users to look around the car, showing different features as the AR marker is revolved. Tilting the marker allowed users to drive the car up and down an animated road

Lexus Dark Ride

Stink Digital

A promotional site for the new Lexus Hybrid car. The site incorporated many different technologies including Red 5 to record user audio on the server side and a face detection library for automatic mugshot creation. As well as winning an FWA site of the day, Dark Ride also won site of the month.

Stink Films

Stink Digital

A portfolio site for Stink Films. The site is fully browser integrated, multi-language and running on a CMS backend.

Boomerang Virtual Puppy


A tamagotchi style desktop game built in Adobe air. The game featured a complex calendar based game mechanic, an animation sequencer, and the integration of smaller arcade-style subgames.

VW Golf GTI Project

Tribal DDB

A game promoting the new Golf GTI. The game spliced together lots of video segments to create a Scalextric style driving game, which as well as winning a FWA site of the day also won site of the month.

Carousel - Philips Cinema 21:9

Stink Digital

A microsite promoting the new super widescreen format TV from Philips. The project was based around a frozen moment short film by Adam Berg that users can interact with by dragging and throwing the timeline. Director commentaries were also made available and spliced into the main film. The site also won several awards including FWA site of the day and month, four BIMAs, a Eurobest and the Grand Prix at Cannes

Sony Ericsson Xperia / Johnny X


Two-part multilanguage microsite promoting the new Sony Ericsson Xperia touch-screen phone. The two different sites ran on the same codebase pulling separate XML and compiled CSS to provide the content and styling data.



A full site for a stock photography company. The site is entirely dynamic and browser integrated with deep linking to E-Cards and gallery images as well as a password word protected area for licencees.

LG Scarlet


Multilanguage microsite promoting a new range of TVs from LG. The site combined motion detection with PaperVision 3D and browser integration allowing users to navigate the site with movements of their head.


Tribal DDB

A complete rebuild of Volkswagen.co.uk by a large team of Flex and backend developers. I was responsible for the business logic and backend integration of the configurator portion of the site.

Cluedo Live

Tribal DDB

Massively multiplayer game to promote Hasbro’s new edition of Cluedo. The game was an event staged over 4 weeks with new rooms opening each week, revealing clues and characters to question to help reveal the killer.

Monopoly Live

Tribal DDB

Massively multiplayer game to promote Hasbro’s new edition of Monopoly. The game featured taxis equipped with GPS transponders moving around London acting as your dice in a life size game of Monopoly.

Volkswagen Golf V GTI

Tribal DDB

Atmospheric microsite to promote the Golf V GTI. The site dynamically spliced together many pre-rendered 3D videos and audio tracks into a seamless experience.

Volkswagen Polo

Tribal DDB

A microsite to promote the new VW Polo. The site allowed users to zoom through several interactive scenes providing information about the new car and sign up for a test drive.

Phillips Childsplay

Tribal DDB

A video based guessing game released in multiple markets as part of the Sense and Simplicity campaign. Users watched videos of several children talking about a mystery product and had to guess what it was.